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photo-452Moma rest&cafe

The new taste -and not only- option of Adrianou street

Located in a truly distinct place, the biggest silversmith workshop of Athens in the ‘60s, the restaurant offers its visitors the opportunity to travel through time as well as extraordinary gastronomic experiences.

It is the moma rest&cafe which, being marked on the gastronomic map of Athens in 2008, opened its doors in the pedestrian zone of Adrianou street, at number 29.

During the construction of the building and with the help of its two owners, Giourkas Seitaridis and Dimitris Govas, an excavation brought to light significant archaeological treasures dated 2,500 years ago:  mosaic floors, a part of a home yard, a silo which in the Ancient years was used to store food, as well as a part of Iridanos river. Such treasures are uniquely displayed in the new premises, offering you a special journey through time and history.

In a unique scenery you can enjoy your coffee, meal and drink every day from 09:00 in the morning to 01:30 after midnight. The rich menu includes a variety of handmade desserts, pies and rich breakfast as well as impressive dishes such as handmade pasta, fresh salads and meat dishes served in a way that corresponds to contemporary aesthetics. Our cuisine provides even for our most demanding customers with light options, as well as for our visitors from abroad with Greek dishes.  With the view of the sacred rock of Acropolis and the arcade of Attalos, in the evening you can enjoy your drink or a refreshing cocktail.

At ΜΟΜΑ’s unique premises you may also organize your social or cultural events according to your needs.

Wood is the dominant decorative element, generating the feeling of a familiar and cozy atmosphere. The white color and the minimal decoration prevail with brushstrokes that are reminiscent of the old district of Plaka. Moving towards the interior feels like walking in your home garden, an internal garden with olive trees and an imposing monastery table in its center. The framed photos of spots of the Old Plaka on the walls are a reminder of the district’s history, as well as the pictures taken from old newspapers that bring back the history of “yesterday” into “today” which is full of memories.

If someone decides to follow the stairs towards the lower area of the building, they will find themselves in direct contact with the magnificence of the archeological treasures. Through the glass construction and with the help of proper lighting you can see and admire the exceptionally realistic historical scenery of the ancient findings.

A truly unforgettable experience …